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Pet Visits


We Wait For You are pleased to offer our service of Pet Visits. We know your furry friend (or feathered or shelled) needs extra care during the first few weeks of them moving into your home or when they are unwell. You can have peace of mind while you are unable to be there, we will visit your furry friend and...

  • Keep them company and play with them;
  • Check they have enough food and water (we can even feed them if needed);
  • Take them for a stroll outside in their new and exciting backyard;
  • Clean up any accidental messes;
  • Take a photo to show you how safe and happy they are while you are away. 


To allow us to do all this for you, We will need your help with the following:

  • Dates and times to visit your home;
  • Details of security measures in place in your property;
  • Details of any pets / animals that are on the property.

All our Carers are insured and have a Police Clearance.


We offer this service starting from $50 for a standard visit and $75 for a premium visit (for our special friends who need extra care like medication).

A 10% discount for pensioners will be applied.

Give us a call and we can chat through how we can help you and your furry family member. 


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