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Once you have selected your tradesman and booked them to attend your home, give us a call and We will:

  • place a responsible person into your home to wait for the tradesman / delivery; 
  • wait while you get on with your life and do what you had planned;
  • arrive on time, allowing extra time to locate the key and enter;
  • direct the tradesman to the fixture or fitting which requires repair or replacement, ensuring no one will enter rooms without legitimate reason;
  • wait until the tradesman has completed the job and left the premises;
  • leave a card signed by the tradesman and the responsible person, showing the times the tradesman arrived and departed;
  • ensure that your home is as you left; and
  • secure your home to your specifications.


To allow us to do all this for you, We will need your help with the following:

  • select a tradesman to complete the repairs (refer to Tradies for some helpful hints!);
  • dates and times that the tradesman is planning on attending;
  • name, company and contact details of the tradesman;
  • details of security measures in place in your property;
  • details of any other people who will be in your home at the same time as our responsible person;
  • details of any pets / animals that are on the property; 
  • ensuring you have made appropriate arrangements for paying the tradesman (We will not take cash for paying tradesman); and
  • your contact details so we can ask any questions / escalate any questions the tradesman may have.



We charge $55 per hour (inc GST) to cover our responsible people.

Our promise to you – if you use one of our trusted tradesman, and they do not finish the job in the quoted time, we will attend the property free of charge for the additional time required to complete the quote (to a maximum of one day).

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